Roxy Music Tour 2001


hil Manzanera has always been known for his innovative approach to guitar playing and, over the years, this has been reflected in his choice and use of guitars, amps and effects. The Roxy Music Tour 2001 has proved to be no exception. This time, he has chosen to combine the traditional virtues of well established guitar makes such as Gibson and Fender with state-of the-art amplification by Roland and Peavey.

Roxy Music aficionados will have recognised Phil's trademark red, white and gold Gibson Firebird that first saw the light of day on a Roxy Music album sleeve some 28 year's ago. But he has also been playing one of two black Gibson Les Paul custom guitars, one of which was built specially for him this year. These have been customised with a mother of pearl inlay in the form of an Iguana.

Eyebrows have been also been raised, however, by the two white Fender Stratocasters that have featured on such Manzanera guitar epics as the frenzied solo on 'Ladytron'. The more eagle-eyed amongst you have noted that the guitars do not use the normal jack socket but have an extra socket built into the bottom of the guitar. This output connects a special MIDI pickup to the remarkable new Roland Modelling amps that both Phil and Chris Spedding have been using on the tour.

In addition, Phil has at his disposal two Peavey combo amps which are available to add an even wider tonal range to the Manzanera guitar sound.

Held in reserve, should accidents happen, Phil has two more guitars: his trusty wood finish Fender Telecaster and one of his studio favourites, a Blade.

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