Eno waves goodbyeThe shock announcement of Eno's departure from the band came in the Melody Maker of 21st July 1973. The band had recently completed some gigs in the UK, the last one being in York. The picture at left shows Eno waving goodbye to Phil Manzanera, the photographer. (Historical note: the young lady at the front was Brian's current lady friend).

Only a few weeks earlier, in an article about Bryan Ferry's upcoming solo album, the band had featured in a rather disconsolate photo in the Melody Maker, although some of the angst may have been caused by the sheer size of Paul's flares.

But, within a few days of the news breaking, rumours were flying around that the departure of the 'Refreshing Experience' would soon be followed by that of Mackay - who would be swiftly followed by Manzanera. Crisis was in the air.
Last Eno band photo
This feverish atmosphere was compounded by an article in the NME of the 28th July that stated that:
"In the wake of Eno's sudden departure from Roxy Music, strong rumours developed this week that saxman Andy mackay is also about to quit - and that if Mackay leaves Roxy, guitarist Phil Manzanera will follow. The rumours began when this week Eno - who is to form a new group called Luana and the Lizard Girls - told NME's Nick Kent that Andy Mackay was determined on leaving if plans to include violinist Eddie Jobson came to fruition. Eddie Jobson's inclusion in Roxy Music was announced last week by EG publicist Simon Puxley. However, Andy Mackay told NME this week: "It's not true - Eddie is not joining. There's been a certain amount of confusion and this may have led to the story. What may have caused the confusion is the fact that I'm changing my name to Eddie Riff." (Ed. Oh give us a break!)
New line up In the same edition, Eno conducted a lengthy interview with Nick Kent in which he discussed the separation and hinted at his plans for the future, whilst, at the same time (and in the same paper) Paul Thompson confirmed that Eddie Jobson would be joining (on condition that Paul wore tight jeans in future).

Confused? You will be. But, whatever the truth of the matter, it all made jolly good press and ensured the band stayed front pages news for several weeks prior to their entering the studios to make their third album. In all, a triumph of media manipulation bu the good Dr Puxley!

On August 18th, the new Roxy line-up was again front page news. An elegantly coiffured Jobson featured behind a resplendently bespectacled and outwardly cheerful Mackay (but, inside, he was crying). Jobson's hard line negotiations over the Thompson trouser situation had borne fruit. In this photo, you could see the Great PT's feet!

The photo was accompanied by news that the band would be playing two dates at the Rainbow Theatre on November 10th and 11th and that a UK tour would start in October to coincide with the release of their third album which was to start in Air Studios the following week. (they worked fast in them there days).

The master plan for world domination was back on track.
Eno leaves
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