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aul Thompson was born in Newcastle on 13th May 1951. His family moved to nearby Jarrow when he was six months old. Paul then went to West Simonside Infants and Junior Schools where his interest in drumming first showed through. Aged 11 Paul was bought his first ever drum and cymbal - a 14"x3" snare drum plus a 10" cymbal. Not possessing a bass drum , Paul resorted to stamping his foot on the floor, undoubtedly making himself hugely popular with the rest of the family.

As the 60's developed, Paul learnt his trade playing along with Beatles, Stones and Hollies songs. In 1965 Paul joined a local group 'The Tyme' and, under pressure from the rest of the band, he begged, pleaded and cajoled his parents into buying a £70 drum kit on the 'never, never' (a hire purchase agreement to our Transatlantic cousins). Gigs were at local youth clubs and transport was the guitarist's dad's wheel barrrow!

Aged 15, Paul left school and went to work in the Palmer's Shipyard at Hebburn, training to be a metalworker. Responding to an advert in the local paper, Paul then joined 'The Urge', a hard gigging local working men's club band. Playing most nights of the week and working during the day didn't mix and, aged 17, Paul was fired by Palmer's for falling asleep at work and became a professional musician.

Paul carried on working with local bands for the next four years, honing his skills and developing the powerful. driving technique that was to become his trademark and Roxy's foundations. In 1972 Paul headed south in search of fame and fortune and, oh happy day!, was in town the week when Bryan Ferry's advert in the Melody Maker appeared appealing for a 'wonder drummer'. Borrowing a drum kit from Matthews Southern Comfort (his own being locked in a studio in Denmark Street), Paul did the audition, got the gig - and the rest is history, as they say.

In 1980, Paul and Roxy went their separate ways. In the following years, Paul played with Gary Moore, JonathonPerkins and Concrete Blonde, who gave him his first ever US Gold album. More recently, Paul has played with local bands in the Tyneside area where he lives. He's kept himself busy and fit by taking up parachuting and scuba diving whilst continuing to thrash his drums on a regular basis.

His return to the drum seat with Roxy Music brings Paul full circle. He's back in his rightful position as the drummer who powered Roxy to their greatest heights and his performances on tour have excited and delighted his legions of fans.

He is, without doubt, The Great Paul Thompson. We need say no more.

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