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Phil at the press conference

Phil Manzanera is one of the UK's best-known musicians and record producers, having shot to prominence in the early '70's as the lead guitarist with the style band, Roxy Music. He is widely acknowledged as one of the world's greatest guitarists and is in much demand both as a performer and record producer of Spanish-speaking artists. His most recent productions in 2000 with Spain's Heroes Del Silencio and Monica Naranjo have been at the number one spot in the album charts and soon reached triple platinum status.

Phil Manzanera was born in London to a Colombian mother and English father, and spent most of his childhood in different parts of the Americas: Hawaii, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. It was in Cuba that the young Manzanera, aged 6, encountered his first guitar, a Spanish guitar owned by his mother.

Phil's early musical accomplishments were Cuban folksongs learnt against the upheaval of the Cuban Revolution. The scenes witnessed at this time made a deep impression on the young Manzanera, impressions which have surfaced in much of his music, most recently in the critically acclaimed new album, Vozero.

In Venezuela the eight year old Phil started experimenting with the sounds of the electric guitar, a cello electric. During his teenage years Phil was absorbing and marrying the twin influences of 60's rock and roll with the Latin-American rhythms of the merengue, cumbia and particularly the boleros of the Mexican, Armando Manzanero.

Manzanera was determined to join a professional band and by the summer of 1971 he had joined the recently formed Roxy Music as lead guitarist - the line-up at this time was Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Paul Thompson and Andy Mackay. Roxy's rise was meteoric, with the band being hailed as the stylistic influence of the early 1970's.

During the next 12 years, until 1983 when the band members finally went their separate ways, Roxy Music released a series of international best selling albums, achieving ten number one albums and touring extensively throughout the world. During much of the time with Roxy Music, Manzanera also pursued solo projects, both recording his own albums and producing for others.

In the last six months all six solo albums have been digitally remastered and re-released with new artwork, available on his own label, Expression Records through his web-site,

As a writer, producer and solo artist, Phil Manzanera has worked with many of the luminaries of modern music, such as Steve Winwood, Dave Gilmour, John Cale, Godley and Creme, Nico (Velvet Underground) and John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia). He has co-written material with many artists, including Brian Eno, Tim Finn, Robert Wyatt and David Gilmour. Manzanera co-wrote Pink Floyd's single 'One Slip' from their 1988 'Momentary Lapse of Reason' album.

In the 90's Manzanera performed in concerts all over the world, including 'Guitar Legends', the five day guitar festival performed in Seville where he was musical director for the event and played with Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Jack Bruce and Richard Thompson. Phil has also played in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Spain and the UK, including a ten date European tour with the Cuban band, Grupo Moncada. Last year he was invited to play in WOMAD festivals in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Phil ended the 20th Century by appearing with Bryan Ferry at the British Gas Millennium Concert at Greenwich, the first time they had performed together in 18 years. This year he has played in Durban and Madrid for Amnesty International.

Phil Manzanera defies easy musical definition, preferring to continually explore new musical directions and experiment with sounds and styles. Because Phil Manzanera is such a multi-talented musician, producer, songwriter who is willing to take risks, there is no doubt that he will be part of the international music scene for many years to come.

History of Production Credits from 1974 - 2000

1974 Co-Producer Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy
1974 Co-Producer Nico - The End
1974 Producer John Cale - Fear
1975 Producer Phil Manzanera - Diamond Head
1976 Producer Split Enz - Mental Notes
1976 Producer Phil Manzanera - 801 Live
1977 Producer Phil Manzanera - Listen Now
1977 Producer Split Enz - Another Great Divide (single)
1978 Producer Phil Manzanera - K-Scope
1979 Co-Producer Godley and Creme - Freeze
1979 Co-Producer Roxy Music - Manifesto
1980 Co-Producer Roxy Music - Flesh & Bold
1982 Co-Producer Roxy Music - Avalon
1984/5 Co-Producer The Explorers
1988 Co-Producer Manzanera/Mackay
1988 Co-Producer Nowomowa
1990 Producer Phil Manzanera - Southern Cross
1990 Producer Los Mosquitos - Revolucion
1990 Producer Heroes del Silencio - Senderos de Traicion
1991 Producer Eric Charden - Je Rock Ma Vie
1991 Producer Cabinete Caligari - Cien Mil Vueltas
1992 Producer Moncada/Manzanera - Live at the Karl Marx, Havana.
1993 Producer Heroes del Silencio - El Espiritu del Vino
1993 Producer Nina Hagen - Revolution Ballroom
1993 Producer Poems for Layla - I Shot the Moon
1994 Producer Paralamas do Sucesso - Severino (Portuguese), Dos Margaritas (Spanish)
1994 Producer Antonio Vega - Oceanos de Sol
1994 Producer Cherokee - Flamenco Rock
1994 Producer Fito Paez - Circo Beat
1995/6 Producer Robi Draco Rosa - Vagabundo
1996 Producer Los Fulanos -
1996 Producer Snug - Various tracks including My Girl (Keith) + Caroline
1996 Producer Los Aterciopelados - La Pipa de la Paz
1997 Producer Enriquez Bunbury - Radical Sonora
1999 Producer Phil Manzanera - Vozero
2000 Producer Monica Naranjo - Minage (No. 1 album, triple platinum in Spain May 2000)
2000 Producer Heroes Del Silencio Canciones 84-96 (No. 1 album, double platinum in Spain December 2000)

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