Roxy Music 2001

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ucy Wilkins faced an unenviable task when she was asked to join Roxy Music on their current world tour. She had to replace two of the most popular members of the 70's line-up: Brian Eno and Eddie Jobson on synthesisers, keyboards and violin. The fact that calls for either musician have been notable by their absence and that her startling performance of the violin solo at the end of 'Out of the Blue' has been receiving rapturous applause stands as testimony to her success in this hugely taxing role.

Lucy is a native of Nottingham and in recent years has played with some of the best and the brightest in modern music: Bryan Ferry, Van Morrison, David Gray, Travis, Divine Comedy, Gabrielle and Paul Weller. She has also spent time writing music for the Suspect Culture Theatre Company and their productions of 'Timeless' and 'Candide 2000' as well as Simon Armitage's 'Mister Heracles'.

To occupy what little remains of her time, Lucy is a member of Speeka who's recently released debut album 'Bespoke' has been well received.

Handling a complex mix of keyboards, violin and synths (including two old and rare VCS3s) Lucy handles everything, including a dozen or so pedal effects, with a skill and bubbling enthusiasm that lifts every show. Her playing on 'Tara', in particular, has transfixed audiences throughout the tour. When not playing one of her many instruments, Lucy runs on the spot at a pace sure to bring her to the attention of the British Olympic middle distance team.

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