Roxy Music 2001

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ulia Thornton has been playing percussion for 15 years and for the past two years has been performing with Bryan on his 'As Time Goes By' Tour and now with Roxy. A Junior Exhibitor at the Royal College of Music in 1986, Julia has since played with numerous orchestras such as the Essex Youth Orchestra and the Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra. Though not featuring on the Roxy tour, Julia also played harp on the 'As Time Goes By' Tour.

Perhaps when it was revealed that Paul Thompson was to play drums on the tour, some people asked what a percussionist would bring to enhance the musical mix. Julia's performance has more than answered the doubters. Her contribution has added subtlety and depth to the rhythmic elements of the music and, with the fabulous sound quality provided by Sound Director Rhett Davies and Engineer Levi Tecofski, her every shake, scrape, rattle and crash can be heard and appreciated.

Julia also helps out with the backing vocal chores and her sophisticated rhythms and ebullient on-stage personality are now a key ingredient of the hugely successful Roxy Music mix.

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