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hris Spedding is one of the greats of the British Rock Music Scene. For thirty years he has set the benchmark by which other British guitarists have been measured. Combining superb technique with a great feel for the music he is playing, Chris enhances every song he touches. His solo on 'My Only Love' on the current Roxy Music tour epitomises the Spedding style and every night it has brought a standing ovation from an enthralled audience.

Chris came to the fore in the 70s and, over the next thre decades has played with the best of British and international musicians - Jack Bruce, Elton John, John Cale, Harry Nilsson, Roy Harper, Dusty Springfield, Nucleus, the Sex Pistols and, of course, Bryan Ferry. In 1975, Chris had his own hit single with the song 'Motorbikin'' and, soon after, he produced the demos which got the Sex Pistols their first deal.

In 1979, Chris moved to the USA where he now lives. Much in demand as a session guitarist, he has since recorded with Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, Nina Hagen and Paul McCartney as well as pursuing a long association with rockabilly singer Robert Gordon. In 1993, Chris moved to Los Angeles where he still lives and, in recent months, he has completed work on his first studio album in ten years 'One Step Ahead of the Blues'.

In April of this year, he had just finished working in Paris and was on his way back to LA via London when the second guitar spot on the Roxy Music World Tour suddenly became vacant. Chris was asked to do it and, to everyone's pleasure, he agreed. Now the pleasure is ours. 'Speddo' - undoubtedly the guitarists' guitar player.

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