Roxy Music 2001


Eternally unruffled

Veteran crooner BRYAN FERRY announced last week that Roxy Music are doing a reunion tour. But why is the country gent going back on the road? BEVERLEY GLICK casts his chart
Sunday Express February 18, 2001

HAVING just recovered from his inflight ordeal en route to Nairobi (when a mentally unstable passenger entered the cockpit and threatened to bring the plane down), Bryan Ferry is hanging up his green wellies for a trip down memory lane with Roxy Music. Perhaps his near-death experience provoked the enduringly handsome Libran singer to come out of his shell. Libra, ruled by Venus, often bestows classic good looks and also a natural grace, but never much of a stomach for confrontation, so his legendary smoothness must have been well and truly ruffled.

Most of the time, however, our Bryan is seen as the epitome of style, and this is evidenced by a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune with the Sun in elegant Libra. This combination magnifies Ferry's glamour and enables him to be quite the chameleon. He can slip effortlessly in and out of guises like an actor from lounge lizard to country gentlemen in one easy move. This seductive ability must have come in handy on his steady rise up the social ladder from miner's son to Barbour-wearing supporter of the Countryside Alliance.

The combination of Jupiter and Neptune in a chart can manifest itself in different ways, for example someone who has big dreams; yearns to travel; needs to escape - or, in fact, experiences a lucky escape, as Ferry did on that headline grabbing flight. A strong Neptune, especially in Libra, also indicates an individual who idealises beauty and harmony, which Ferry certainly has during his long singing career. Mars in Cancer forms a square to Neptune and Jupiter, showing that he is driven to make his dreams a reality. What enables him to achieve this is the security he has with his family, about whom he is fiercely protective.

So why the urge to do something new and different? Well, transiting Uranus formed a harmonious aspect to Ferry's natal Uranus at the end of last year, part of a natural cycle of change which urges you to look back at your accomplishments. Ferry's path looks smooth in the coming year, with Jupiter coming into conjunction with his natal Gemini Moon, emphasising his fascination for social interchange. In May Jupiter moves towards his Uranus, indicating new freedom and a desire to recapture lost youth. And doing The Strand once more will surely rekindle memories of Roxy's Seventies heyday in a very pleasing and lucrative way.

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